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Microsoft Investigating Xbox Live Account Hijack

Since the release of FIFA 12 game in the month of September, reports are pouring in that Xbox Live account are being hijacked and gamers' funds are being drained out through FIFA 12 "Ultimate Team" packs. Many users of Xbox Live have been complaining about this issue and at present Microsoft is investigating the scenario.

According to reports, hijackers are getting hold of Xbox Live password through various means like social engineering, phishing and other such nefarious methods. After getting the password, hijackers invest huge number of Microsoft Points on Ultimate Team goodies. They target these packs as they are transferable among various accounts and it is worth the money in the real world.

Microsoft Corp. has asked the users to lock down their accounts till the time the issue is resolved which is definitely annoying for regular gamers.

Microsoft also declared that there are many other possibilities that are related to the issue. Stephen Toulouse, Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement, mentioned that, "Add to that the fact that on a constant basis the attackers are calling into us, pretending to be compromised so they can see how our processes work," reported IncGamers.