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New Compiler to Make Android ROMs Using CyanogenMod Available

Developers have released a new compiler which makes it easier for anyone to start making custom Android ROMs using CyanogenMod.

Developer ‘lithid-cm' has released the CyanogenMod Compiler (CMC) which allows people to tweak the Cynogen Mod and make their own Android ROMs.

Users will be able to add new components and remove existing ones like wallpapers, themes and the like.

According to the post made by the developer at XDA Developers forum, users will be able to check for repo installations on start-up, remove Live wallpapers, remove Cynogenmod wallpapers, compile Cynogenmod and access built-in themes.

Some of the features coming to the platform include checking for installed tools, an installer/remover and better support for error checking, among other things.

"This is simple enough. Using bash, I created a cli interface to control and manage your repo, add/remove a few things, and compile cm. I am only able to test this with my phone. So I am putting this out here for others to test with as well," the developer explained.

" It is not fully optimised, code is being actively worked on daily," he added.