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Nintendo Designing Apple-like App Store for Wii U Console

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo is reportedly planning to release its own app store to compliment the next generation Nintendo Wii console.

According to The Daily, the company is planning to launch a ‘full fledged app store' for the Nintendo Wii U console, which is expected to be launched late next year.

Nintendo plans to take on both video game console rivals Sony and Microsoft with the next generation console and the Apple iPad, as the controllers on the device can double up as a tablet device.

Nintendo currently offers app stores for the handheld and the Wii gaming console but the new app store being designed by the company will go much beyond the regular gaming apps and will be designed to take advantage of the controller, which will come with a 6.5 inch touch screen.

The apps will not only be for the Wii U console but will also offer apps which are designed specifically for the tablet like controllers. It seems likely that users will be able to browse the web, check their email and even make updates on social media websites using the controller.