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Online Security Doubts Spur Increase in Ukash Business

Post the much publicised online security breach, it has been found by the global e-money network - Ukash - that consumers as well as game players are in search for alternative of credit card payments.

Ukash observed that the business of the network rose by 85 per cent year on year due to the fact that consumers are trying to pay or even play online without the need to give out personal financial details to any website.

Ukash chief executive, David Hunter, commented that, "Even the biggest game brands are susceptible to user details being phished or hacked, so it's no surprise consumers are looking for more secure ways to pay and play." reported Market Watch.

Hunter said that, "Online gamers can minimise the risk to themselves by using Ukash. There are no personal financial details to lose. For the publisher, there is no financial data to maintain, and it's easy to integrate with existing payment options."

Ukash which was launched in 2005 is a globally-recognised payment method. The best feature of this method is that it lets the use of cash for online transactions eventually preventing credit and debit card fraud, charge-backs and repudiations and also protects personal identity.