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RIM Sees Decline in Market Share; Android and iOS Rise

Research in Motion saw its smartphone market share decline further over the past three months while Android and iOS saw significant growth.

According to new market metrics released by comScore, Android's smartphone share increased to 46.9 percent as of the end of November, growing significantly from 43.8 percent which was reported at the end of August, PC World informed.

Apple meanwhile had a smartphone market share of 28.7 percent, managing to increase it from 27.3 percent. Research in Motion, plagued by product delays and other issues, moved down to 16.6 percent market share from 19.7 percent while Windows Phone declined to 5.2 percent. Symbian continues its path to oblivion with a market share of just 1.5 percent.

comScore also stated that in the United States, 91.4 million people were using a smartphone.

"The study surveyed more than 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers and found Samsung to be the top handset manufacturer overall with 25.6 percent market share. Google Android continued to capture share in the smartphone market to reach 46.9 percent market share," said comScore. How Research in Motion will try to recover is any one's guess at this point.