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Top 10 mobile phone news stories of 2011 is now publishing its most viewed mobile phone and mobile related news stories of the year in chronological order - just to round up all the coverage in the Mobile & Telco section of the website for 2011.

1. Apple Signs White iPhone 5 Panel Supplier - 23 February: Apple reportedly signed Taiwan-based Wintek as the only supplier to produce white touch screen panels for the iPhone 5.

2. iPhone 5 Event: Follow Us Live From 6pm UK Time (10am PDT) - 4 October: ITPP live blog of the new iPhone mobile phone, which turned out to just be the iPhone 4S and not the iPhone 5.

3. Adobe To Bring Flash To iPad 2, iPhone 5 Via Wallaby - 8 March: Adobe announced a new project called Wallaby, which allows basic Flash files to be converted to HTML5.

4. Apple iPhone 4S vs Apple iPhone 4 : Specs Comparison - 6 October: The iPhone 4S is remarkably similar to the iPhone 4 on the outside, in fact, apart from a couple of notches on each side of the iPhone 4S, there's not much to differentiate between the two devices.

5. HP To Sell Pre 3 For £46 In UK - 23 August: HP sold the unlocked version of the Pre 3 for as little as $75 (£46) in France.

6. How to Upgrade your iPhone 4 to iOS 5 in Five Steps - 13 October.

7. Tesco To Offer Cheapest iPad 2 Yet - 27 March: Tesco took orders for the iPad 2 starting from £389 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model, using a £10 discount voucher which was valid across all the 12 stock keeping units.

8. Retailers Cut Price Of iPhone 4, Making Room For iPhone 5 - 3 August: On the verge of the iPhone 5 launch, Target and Radio Shack dropped prices of the iPhone 4 to make room for Apple's upcoming smartphone.

9. How To Upgrade Your iPhone 4 or iPad 2 To iOS 5 Now - 8 June.

10. iPhone 5 Launch To Spark "Massive" iPhone 4 Sell Off - 1 October: The iPhone 5 was set to be launched on Tuesday the 4th and, according to online auction giant eBay, was set to prompt a massive scramble amongst iPhone 4 users (and possibly earlier models) to get rid of their handsets.

Rob Kerr is a journalist with more than 14 years experience of news, reviews and feature writing on titles such as Wired, PC Magazine, The Register, The Inquirer, Pocket-Lint, Mobile Industry Review, Know Your Mobile and The Gadget Show. The mobile phone world is his real passion and forte, having owned a handset as far back as 1994 where he has seen them grow from just a business tool to a necessity in everyone’s everyday life.