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Update Available for the Motorola Razr Android throughout Europe

Motorola is rolling out a software update for European users of its Android based Razr smartphone.

The company said on its Facebook page that the update was currently being rolled out in Europe and would bring new features like camera enhancements, security features and Evernote integration.

"A maintenance update for Motorola RAZR owners is now rolling out across Europe. This update contains several enhancements such as a new Evernote application, improvements to camera performance, better call performance and improved Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity," the company said.

The update, which would bring the Razr to software version 651.73.30, will bring with it the Evernote note taking application, improvements to camera performance, new Smart Rule Trigger, new Android security features, improvement in call performance and Bluetooth connectivity, improvement in Wi-Fi connectivity and localisation improvements.

Users are advised to keep their battery power at least 50 percent and connect to a stable Wi-Fi network. The update is available for Razr users in Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, SFR, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, T-Mobile Germany and the UK.