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13 Percent of Christmas Online Purchases Made Through iPhone, iPad

According to a recent IBM report, as revealed by c|net, iPhone and iPad owners were the most active Christmas shoppers this year.

IBM study targeted mobile devices and it is based on online sales from 500 retailers during the first two Christmas days, 25 and 26 December. 7% of all online purchases on Christmas Day were made from an iPad and 6.4 % from an iPhone, leaving Android devices on the third place with 5%.

On December 26 the top three remain the same with iOS devices getting ahead of Android and the percentages understandably changed: iPad lead the way with 6% of all online shopping, and iPhone accounting for 5.8% of cybershopping, followed by Android handsets and tablets with 4.6%.

The IBM study also revealed that the online sales on Christmas Day grew by 16.4 since the same day of last year. In addition, 18.3% of all online purchases came from a mobile device, which means a 118% increase compared to last year. The same trends were noticed on through all this holiday season, since Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Probably this year, Santa too used an iPad or an iPhone to get all the presents.