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£299.99 Denon RCDN-7 CEOL Network Music Hi-Fi System

Denon brings the RCDN-7 CEOL network music Hi-Fi system allowing you to enjoy music from a variety of sources giving you a great audio output.

The RCDN-7 allows you to dock iPod or iPhone on the top thus enabling you to enjoy high-quality sound. On top of that, the RCDN-7 allows you to listen to music on internet radio or online music through the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity option.

The CD receiver system comes with FM/AM radio option and also capability of playing CD, CD-R /CD-RW (WMA or MP3) discs. Beyond the conventional radio and CD playback, the RCDN-7 also plays music files from USB drives or other compatible media.

The front of the Hi-Fi system features a 3 line OELD with high contrast and wide view thus enabling ease of navigation while a remote control allows for easy control. For network configuration, the system features first time Network installation wizard.

Despite the compact size, Denon has not compromised on audio output and has put in two 65 W high power output speakers, filling your room with beautiful, ambient sound.

Home AV Direct is offering the Denon RCDN-7 CEOL Network Music Hi-Fi System for £299.99.