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Android Market Filled with Siri Knock-offs

The rising popularity of Apple's Siri voice controlled virtual assistant has given birth to several knock-offs that are masquerading in the Android Market.

According to PC World, a new app called ‘Siri for Android', which is nothing more than a shortcut for Google's Voice service, which already comes pre-installed on Android devices, has found its place in the Android Market.

The app, which copies the Siri icon, is made by a developer called ‘Official App', which easily confuses people into believing that they are downloading an official app released by Apple. The Next Web Reports that the application has been downloaded more than 1,000 times since it was discovered.

Another Siti knock-off, Speerit, has also surfaced on the Android Market. The app, which calls itself the ‘real' Siri for Android, is only available in the Korean language with support for English coming very soon.

There is another app, called Fake Siri for Android, which praises Android every time people on a button and does not take voice commands.

Rather than going for a Siri knock-off, Android users can make do with Google Voice till the time the search engine giant introduces a competitive update for the service.