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Apple Gaines Share in US Smartphone Market

Apple seems to be tightening its grip on the US smartphone market but, Android continues to be the most popular operating system.

According to new data released by comScore, through survey of 30,000 US mobile phone users, Apple increased its smartphone hardware market share by 1.4 percent in the three months ending in November, acquiring a market share of 11.2 percent.

Samsung led the way in the US smartphone OEM market with a share of 25.6 percent while LG and Motorola came on the second and third spot with 20.5 percent and 13.7 percent respectively. RIM continued to decline, with a market share of 6.5 percent, which placed it on the fifth place.

In terms of smartphone software market share, Android led the way with a 46.9 percent share, which represented an increase of 3.1 percent. Apple's iOS also increased its share by 1.4 percent to 28.7 percent while RIM, as in the hardware market, saw its software market share dip 3.1 percent to 16.6 percent.

comScore report also found that 234 million people in the United States had a mobile device.