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Apple’s Origin Guarded in Stanford Archives

The Stanford University in the United States has amassed a massive collection of Apple related items which were a part of a company museum that Apple was earlier planning.

The Associated Press reported the existence of the Apple secret archives but, didn't give out the details of its location as its top secret. The archives, which are at the core of Stanford's Apple collection, are located in a secret warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area, away from the main Stanford University campus.

The collection is stored in boxes taking up more than 600 feet of shelf space in the storage facility. Apple had been collecting books, documents, software, videos, interview and everything else related to the company, to be a part of the Apple museum.

However, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the company called Stanford University and donated the collection to its Silicon Valley archives. It took two moving trucks to move the collection from Apple's headquarters.

"Apple as a company is in a very, very select group," said Stanford curator Henry Lowood.

"It survived through multiple generations of technology. To the credit of Steve Jobs, it meant reinventing the company at several points." he added.