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Crysis 2 Becomes Most Pirated Game of 2011

According to a list prepared and compiled by a website, "Crysis2" is the most pirated PC video game of 2011. Developed by Crytek, this game was illegally downloaded by more than 3.9 million gamers from all over the world.

TorrentFreak report further states that the game beat First Person Shooter (FPS) big boys "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" and "Battlefield 3" despite huge popularity of these two games. 3.6 million pirated copies of "Modern Warfare 3" and 3.5 million pirated copies of "Battlefield 3" were reportedly downloaded reported the website.

In case of Crysis 2, the game was leaked on Torrents almost one month before it was officially released in March 2011 that actually made a little difference as most of the illegal piracy, in case of other games, was done after the game was officially released.

For Xbox 360 it was "Gears of War 3" which topped the charts of illegal downloads and for Nintendo Wii this ‘honour' goes to "Super Mario Galaxy 2" released in 2010.

TorrentsFreak released three different lists of ‘Most Pirated Games of 2011' under PC, Xbox and Wii platforms.