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Ebook Reader Marketplace Sees Increase in Online Piracy

Online pirates are increasingly exploiting the booming ebook market as thousands of shoppers prefer to purchase digital books from rogue sites, reveals a new report.

Apparently, these sites are offering ebooks at a much lower price than the original price from publishers. And the market has become more lucrative for pirates with the exponentially rising Kindle sales.

The last month, particularly during the Christmas season, witnessed the sales of eReaders growing at a massive rate. And this rather encouraging boom in eReader sales proved to be too tempting to resist. In fact, many of industry observers claim the eBook industry is going through the same phase today as the music industry witnessed when Napster arrived on the digital arena and started providing music for free by violating musician and their record label’s intellectual property rights.

"With a Kindle there is pretty much no protection against pirated books. There are programs which can simply convert any piece of text into the proper format and it will show on your Kindle as if you had bought it!" one of the pirate websites said, according to a report by the Daily Mail.