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Electronic Arts, Sony, Nintendo Withdraw Support for SOPA

Electronic Arts, Sony and Nintendo have moved to withdraw their support for the controversial US Stop Online Piracy Act.

According to an article on Business Insider, three of the biggest names in the gaming industry have backtracked from their support of the act fearing consumer backlash.

The companies supported the bill when it first entered the US Congress but an updated list of supporters does not feature the names of these companies.

Under the SOPA act, copyright holders will be able to get ISPs and search engines to prevent US users from visiting the website. A website could be blocked even if it links to content that is infringing on someone's copyright.

Internet companies like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia have criticised the act with Wikipedia threatening a blackout in protest of the act. The critics of the act claim that it would harm the market and prevent growth.

The major supporters of the acts include film studios, music labels and other content providers, who believe that SOPA will curb online piracy. The conversation surrounding the proposed legislation does not show signs of stopping any time soon.