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Facebook Pays 'Bug Hunters' Via Debit Card

Cyber bugs are big trouble for many websites, mostly those sites frequently accessed by users. Most companies have their own ways to tackle bugs and pay a good amount of money to bug hunters. Facebook, however, has found a unique way to reward its bug hunters.

The company has created a "White Hat Bug Bounty Program" Visa debit card. Bug hunters and researchers can make thousands of dollars by simply reporting security holes to Facebook and then use the debit card to purchase what they like.

The card is just like a credit card or as a way to take cash out of an ATM. Finding bugs means more money in a bug hunter's account, reports CNET.

For this job Facebook is paying really a good amount of money to bug hunters. They are ready to pay $500 minimum and there is no limit for the maximum amount. According to a report, one researcher has earned $2,500 - which they donated to some charity to show his good spirit.

The unique initiative of Facebook is an effort to say thanks to those who are trying to help the popular site remain bug free. This is good incentive for anyone who wants to show off their bug hunting skills and earn some money on the side.