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Facebook Responsible for A Third of Divorces in UK?

A recent survey conducted by a UK based divorce website disclosed that 33 per cent behaviour divorce petitions filed cite Facebook as a cause for filling for divorce in 2011. In 2009 this figure was 20 per cent.

5000 people were surveyed by Divorce-Online, the UK divorce website, during 2009 and 2011 covering Facebook as a means to check behaviour of spouse with the opposite sex and spouses using the social networking platform to comment about their exes post the separation.

Three reasons that came out on the top for listing Facebook in divorce petition were inappropriate messages sent to the opposite sex, posting nasty comments about exes, and friends on Facebook reporting about spouse's behaviour, reported T3.

Spokesman for Divorce-Online, Mark Keenan said, "People need to be careful what they write on their walls as the courts are seeing these posts being used in financial disputes and children cases as evidence."

On the other hand, 20 petitions out of this 5,000 survey contained the name of micro blogging website Twitter. The site has been used for making comments about the exes.