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Find Your Lost iPhone With a Free App

There is no mobile phone owner who can honestly say he or she never lost a handset. Even if the phone is eventually found, the panic of losing all the info stored on it can still leave a bitter memory and the situation is worse when the phone gets stolen and is never found.

Why go through such an ordeal with apps available that are designed specifically to help in these kinds of situations. On iTunes, for instance, there is an app, Find My iPhone that helps iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or even Mac owners find their misplaced devices.

The app is free and after the installation, it needs to be activated in order to track the lost device, with the help of other iOS device. Users who get Find My iPhone app can not only find their missing devices, see its location on a map, and remotely set up a sound to be played at full volume for two minutes, but they can also remotely lock the device or erase the information stored on it.

Similar tracking software are available for Android handsets or tablets and also for BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.