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Future iOS Devices Will be Able to Recognise Their Owners?

According to a freshly filed Apple patent, the Cupertino based company is working on security features allowing iOS devices to use presence detection and face recognition software to be able to recognize their owners.

The new Apple patent related to this security feature was published by the US Patent & Trademark Office on December 29th and continues the path Apple started to follow since 2009, when the company published the first presence detection patent.

Earlier this year, Apple filed a new 3D face and object recognition patent to be used in security applications. Apple's innovation on face recognition technology relies on advanced image processing and comparison methods to a reference model.

This reference model has to be a portion of the human face rich in information. As PatentlyApple explains "The methods further include comparing the processed captured image to at least one target profile corresponding to a user associated with the resource, and selectively recognizing the user seeking access to the resource based on a result of said comparing."

Processing the capture image and the comparison with the reference model to obtain the normalized image is a complex process but its applications could take us all to the future of iOS devices.