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Growing Number of Web-Based Companies Against SOPA

In opposing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), it seems that some popular websites are all set to take some strict measures like blocking their own websites. These websites include Facebook, Google and Amazon.

According to a report, these companies are opposing the bill which will reportedly stop online theft. Various companies backing this bill like Burberry, 3M, Adidas, CVS, and's parent company News Corp. are saying this bill will help to do away with the sale of counterfeit and harmful products as well as pirated movies.

But at the same time the bill will completely change the way the Internet is used and also the way companies provide services, the opposing companies are contending.

Executive director of NetCoalition, Markham Erickson, said that a "wide-scale blackout would be drastic" and also that "it would be unprecedented," as reported by Shockya.

The main cause of concern behind SOPA is that it will make websites responsible for any sort of copyright violation done by its users. And for those websites which have user-generated content this might prove to be very fatal. Thus, many popular websites are absolutely against the implementation of the bill.