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IE9 Races Ahead of Firefox, Chrome on Windows 7

Internet Explorer 9 has become the second most used browser on Windows 7 after IE8, beating all available versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Citing a report released by NetApplications, Microsoft's Roger Capriotti the Internet Explorer director of marketing, made the announcement on a blog post.

"As of November, IE9 usage share on Windows 7 worldwide was higher than all versions of Chrome and all versions of Firefox - second only to IE8," he wrote.

"Based on where the December data currently stands, we're pleased to say IE9 is still following that trajectory and will soon take the top spot from IE8 on Windows 7, with usage share expected to come in at nearly 25.6% this month," said Capriotti.

According to the data released by NetApplications, Internet Explorer 8 led the global web browser market 27.43 per cent market share followed by Mozilla Firefox 8, which has a market share of 12.28 per cent. Internet Explorer 9, which is only available of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, has a 11.48 per cent market share.

The US only data, however, reveals that IE9 might already be ahead of IE8 in terms of usage.