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Late News: Verizon Shelves $2 Convenience Fee, Murdoch on Twitter, Siri Knock-offs on Android Marketplace

US mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless has announced that it is axing a $2 ‘convenience fee' that it planned to charge from its users from next month. It was recently revealed that the company planned to charge a $2 fee from customers who pay their phone bills from mobile or online via debit or credit card.

Media baron Rupert Murdoch has shocked and surprised the world by opening an account on micro-blogging platform Twitter. Rupert Murdoch is the owner of News Corp. which, apart from owning many popular influential news publications around the world, owned News of the World, which closed down after being hit by the phone hacking scandal.

The rising popularity of Apple's Siri has given birth to several knock-offs that are masquerading in the Android Market. A new app called ‘Siri for Android', which is nothing more than a shortcut for Google's Voice service, which already comes pre-installed on Android devices, has found its place in the Android Market.

Internet Explorer 9 has become the second most used browser on Windows 7 after IE8, beating all available versions of Chrome and Firefox. Citing a report released by NetApplications, Microsoft's Roger Capriotti the Internet Explorer director of marketing, made the announcement on a blog post.

Sega Corporation recently confirmed that in 2012 they will be releasing Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II. The latest version of the popular game can be played on PSN, Xbox Live and on mobile phone platforms. For the time being the game developers disclosed a teaser trailer of the game which will be featuring a villain Metal Sonic with a sidekick the Trails.