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LG May Introduce Intel-Powered Android Handset at CES

If reports are to be believed, smartphones powered by Intel chips will soon be available. A recent report by The Korea Times says that LG is all set to introduce their Intel-powered Android handset in January during CES.

The Korean Times report also provides feeds from spokesmen of both companies who are also supporting these claims.

Chief Lee Hee-sung, Intel Korea, chief Lee Hee-sung said, "Intel's chief executive Paul Otellini will release Intel's first Android smart phone using our own platform at the CES."

One of the top ranked executives of the company also said, "LG Electronics will produce Intel's first Android smart phones that use Intel's own mobile platform."

The executive also added, "The device will be shown at the CES."

At the same time, an LG executive, on the condition of anonymity, said that "personally" he doubts the release of the smartphones and that it is somewhat possible that LG might push the reference of Intel mobiles but that this will include huge subsidies on the part of Intel for promotional purposes. It is any one's guess at this time if the new smartphones will be introduced at CES.