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More Stratfor Data Released by Hackers

On Thursday, hackers released another batch of subscribers' data that was stolen during the Stratfor breach. Stratfor Global Intelligence is very popularly used research as well as analysis company the website of which fell prey to cyber attack a week ago.

The data which has been released has e-mail addresses along with credit card numbers reported c|net. The hacker group, reportedly a part of the Anonymous movement, actually disclosed the data with description on Pastebin. The website has links to the other website which has hosted the information.

The post in the Pastebin read, "It's time to dump the full 75,000 names, addresses, CCs and md5 hashed passwords to every customer that has ever paid Stratfor." The post further says that the case does not end here they are also providing 860,000 email addresses, usernames, and md5 hashed passwords. Incidentally, 50,000 mail addresses end with .mil or .gov domain names.

On Monday, George Friedman, Stratfor's CEO, mentioned on the Facebook page of the company that the intrusion which took place gave out names of few corporate subscribers and their credit card and personal data.