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Passwords Out, Biometric Security Methods in, According to IBM Predictions

Text-fed passwords are likely to become ancient history replaced instead by biometric scanning as security tools for our online security and privacy.

According to the US based multinational technology giant IBM, it's only a matter of five odd years until these new technologies start guarding our digital-existence, reports ZDNet.

The company stated that soon the day will come when users won't have to remember their user-IDs and passwords for their different email, social media or other accounts, thus eventually enhancing both the security aspect as well as the ease of use.

IBM made these claims in its yearly list of 5 likely changes to happen in the world of technology over the next five years. This year's list included the prediction that in the foreseeable future, voice files, eye scans as well as DNA will be deployed to beef up personal credentials, thus replacing the existing memorization driven approach.

Some of these systems are already in use, though. However, the coming years are likely to witness some major breakthroughs in these technologies, thereby making them far more reliable. This is an exciting time in most technology markets.