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RIM CEOs Named Top Newsmakers of 2011 by The Canadian Press

The two Research in Motion CEOs have been named top newsmakers of 2011 by The Canadian Press.

An article on the Winnipeg Free Press reported that RIM co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have been voted business newsmakers of 2011 by The Canadian Press after a survey of news editors and broadcasters.

This is the second time Balsillie has been featured on the list. He was voted the business newsmaker in 2009 for bringing the company safe and sound after the recession. This time, however, he on the list for very different reasons.

"This pair blissfully missed or ignored all of the warning signs of change, turning this Canadian tech success story into a Canadian tragedy," said Winnipeg Free Press business editor Steve Pona.

"They rode the wave that carried RIM to the top of the market, onto the shoals. They should have been brought to heel by the RIM board long ago," he added.

RIM shareholders are calling on the company's board members to do something about the company's performance in the market. RIM still remains a popular brand, but its share in the smartphone market around the world continues to slip. What the future holds for RIM is unknown at this time.