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Stuxnet, Duqu, Three Others Part of the Same Family: Researchers

Researchers at Russian security firm, Kaspersky Lab, have revealed that the Stuxnet virus, known for damaging the nuclear program of Iran last year, and Duqu malware have been developed by the same platform which developed minimum five other cyber threats. The roots of this platform can be traced back to 2007.

Besides these two three other new units of advanced malware are most probably in circulation. Various debates regarding this theory is going on and the evidence claimed to have been found by the researchers are not conclusive.

Chief security expert at Kaspersky Lab, Alexander Gostev, commented that the drives which was used by the Stuxnet and Duqu has been tested by researchers and have reached to the conclusion that most probably same team is behind both of these high profile threats.

In his statement he said, "We consider that these drivers were used either in an earlier version of Duqu or for infection with completely different malicious programs, which moreover have the same platform and, it is likely, a single creator-team." reported The Register.

In fact, last month the NSS analysis also suggested that these two malware were connected, however, this might be reverse engineering and not original coding.