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WebOS Failure Blamed on Poor Code and Internal Power Struggles

The downfall of Hewlett-Packard owned WebOS platform was primarily due to poor code decisions made by top level executives, claim angry personnel from the WebOS team.

According to the team, in addition to poor code decisions, power struggles going on during the acquisition of the OS platform by HP contributed immensely to the untimely demise of WebOS.

Apparently, then-CEO of HP, Jon Rubinstein decided to go with Webkit as the platform's underlying engine. However, that decision taken by Rubinstein was latter thrashed by Palm's former senior director of software, Paul Mercer during an interview (opens in new tab) with the New York Times.

"We just weren't able to execute such an ambitious and breakthrough design," said Mercer.

He went on to suggest that "WebKit simply wasn't up to running applications at the same speed as users experienced on, say, the iPhone."

An unnamed WebOS team member even went on to say the departure of Matias Duarte also contributed heavily to the exit of WebOS.

"[Matias Duarte] was WebOS ... When he left, the vacuum was just palpable," the WebOS guy said, as reported (opens in new tab)by SlashGear.