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Windows Phone ChevronWP7 Unlock Tokens Sold Out

Back in the month of July 2011 the ChevronWP7 team disclosed that with co-operation of Microsoft they will be providing ChevronW7 unlock for $9 and in the month of November the same year the unlock version was finally made available.

As it stands, just after two months, the service has officially been sold out as no unlock tokens are available on the site and neither are they coming out from Microsoft for the $9 price.

In the period of these two months a total 10,000 units of the tokens were sold for $9 every token. As all the tokens are sold out the WP7 users are left with only one option to install homebrew apps, just buy official developer unlock available for $99 or simply get the cooked ROMs. Some of the ROMs have complete unlocked version, reported WMPoweruser.

The fact that within two months such a huge number of tokens were sold out is a pretty good sign of the demand of the service that Microsoft has been providing.

Even though Windows Phones are comparatively not doing so well in the mobile market, services like these seem to be giving boost to the sale and demand of the Windows Phone 7 based smartphones.