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AMNews: Gordon Brown's Email Hacked, SOPA Protests Gain Momentum, Windows XP Still Strong, Facebook Timeline

A recent report reveals how British Police found out that private investigators operating on behalf of a newspaper had hacked into the email of former Prime Minister of UK Gordon Brown when he was the finance minister of the country. The hacking was uncovered by Operation Tuleta, the cybercrime division of the UK Police.

In opposing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), it seems that some popular websites are all set to take some strict measures like blocking their own websites. These websites include Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Microsoft's 10 year old Windows XP operating system continues to be the most used PC platform for accessing the web. New data released by NetApplications reveals that 46.5 percent of Internet traffic that showed up on its clients websites was from Windows XP. Microsoft has done its level best to steer users away from the platform by releasing two new operating system since then, but Windows XP continues to dominate.

Facebook seems to be continuing its efforts to drop support for older Microsoft web browsers. The new Facebook Timeline feature is not appearing on Internet Explorer 7 as the browser is not capable of projecting the new feature without issue.

The downfall of Hewlett-Packard owned WebOS platform was primarily due to poor code decisions made by top level executives, claim angry personnel from the WebOS team. According to the team, in addition to poor code decisions, power struggles going on during the acquisition of the OS platform by HP contributed immensely to the untimely demise of WebOS.