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Android Users Hit by Fake Antivirus Scams

Fake antivirus scams, sometimes known as ‘scareware' which were prevalent for desktop system, are increasingly targeting Android based mobile devices across the globe it has been revealed.

These scareware scams often involves replicas of known and trusted anti malware software. Clueless that they are being tricked into a scam, the victims end up installing the malicious software.

Most of these scarewares come bundled with malicious codes designed to steal sensitive information, or to carry out other potentially dangerous activities to cash on the victims' helplessness.

The results of these so called Antivirus or security software are hardcoded and always give out positive infection results making gullible users believe that the smartphone is infected thereby convincing them to shell out the money requested by the scareware.

With an exponential increase in smartphone user-base, scam artists have shifted their attention to mobile OS platforms such as Android, revealed Kaspersky Lab researcher Denis Maslennikov.

"Cybercriminals have started to use almost the same techniques in order to force users to download and install malware. But in this case we talk about SMS Trojans with fake AV rudiments," Maslennikov explained in a Securelist blog post.