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Apple Plans Media Event in NYC; End of January

Apple is reportedly planning a media event toward the end of this month.

To be hosted in New York, the media event is likely to focus primarily on its iBook service.

According to media reports, though the event will definitely be an important one from strategical point of view, there is little chance it is going to be large scale. Also, there are little chance that the release of the iPad 3 will be announced at the event, as reported by The Guardian

The location chosen for the event also hints toward it being more or less aimed at the iBook service only. New York happens to be one of the largest areas for US media and advertising agencies.

Also there are rumours about the company announcing a whole new approach for the iPad advertising service. The iPad service has been struggling for a while now, and the company is reportedly looking for ways to bring it back.

It is important to note here that Apple has been constantly in search of a new head for the company's mobile advertising unit since Andy Miller parted ways with the iPhone maker. This event will hopefully provide additional information about the direction of the iBook service and other products and services offered by Apple.