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AT&T Provides Two Monthly Data Plans for Sony PS Vita

Ever since it was speculated at the last edition of the E3, game enthusiasts were eagerly waiting for official confirmation regarding exclusive 3G data plans for the Sony PlayStation Vita.

This anticipation attained new heights after Sony announced it would team up with AT&T to offer PS Vita users access to the telecom giant's 3G data plans.

But neither company has provided any additional information regarding the joint venture. Subsequently, a lot of gamers purchased the Wi Fi only version because they had not heard any news about the new data plan offerings.

But according to Mike Splechta from GameZone, PS Vita owners won't be rewarded with any exclusive 3G plans from AT&T for Vita. Instead they will be offered only the existing 3G data plans already available for other mobile devices such as the Apple iPad.

There will be two plans offered by the company - one priced at $14.99/month, while the other will be available for $25/month. The data limit for both the plans are fixed at 250 MB and 2 GB respectively. This is different from the 3G data plans offered, but some may find the plan options satisfactory.