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1.2 Billion Apps Downloaded Last Week of 2011

During the last week of 2011, 1.2 billion apps were downloaded by smartphone and tablet users all over the world.

No doubt the figure is surprising, but not so if you consider how a record number of iOS and Android powered devices were activated worldwide during the same period, i.e. from Christmas to the New Year's Eve.

The study was carried out by Flurry - an app analytic service. Flurry's advanced technology enables it to detect more than 90 percent of the new iOS and Android devices activated. In addition, its analytics resides in over 20 percent of the apps downloaded from Google's Android Market and Apple's App Store.

The study revealed that 6.8 million new devices were activated on the Christmas day alone.

"For this report, Flurry leverages its data-set from over 140,000 apps running on the significant majority of iOS and Android devices," wrote Peter Farago of Flurry in a blog post.

"With its application penetration, Flurry can detect over 90% of all new devices activated each day. Additionally, with its analytics service in more than 20% of all applications," he added.