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Brits Overcharging Gadgets, Wasting Electricity worth £134m Every Year

Electricity worth £134million is wasted every year due to overcharging of gadgets such as laptop computers and mobile phones, a new study has revealed.

The study shed light into the fact how 20 percent of householders in the UK leave their mobile phones plugged in even when the battery is full, as they do not wish to run out of battery-life while outdoors. Worse even, 10 percent of the participants in the study admitted that they were simply too lazy to pull the plug despite knowing that it costs them money.

The study was carried out by the energy firm E.ON, and according to its findings, nine out of every 10 owners keep their devices on permanent charge, unaware of the fact that how damaging it could eventually turn out to be. According to the study, the most overcharged devices are laptop computers, mobile phones as well as iPods.

"There is clearly a lot of confusion about what's good for our electronics and it is astonishing that 90 per cent of people overcharge their gadgets,' Pollyanna Woodward, a presenter on Channel 5, said, the DailyMail reports.

"It can reduce the lifespan of batteries but, more importantly, it also prevents people from making easy savings on their energy bill," she added.