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BuySafe Targets Google in Latest Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Internet search giant Google has been dragged into yet another legal battle as Buysafe, a leading provider of secure online transaction, filed a lawsuit against the company over its Safe Shopping feature.

Apparently, BuySafe alleged in the lawsuit that Google managed to extract its confidential business information by unfair means, and now is on its way to dish out a new technology that heavily relies on that information.

The court filing stated that Google's Trusted Stores program is not only inspired from BuySafe but, is also primarily based on the information provided to them by none other than a former BuySafe employee.

Experts are of the opinion that as BuySafe's claim is backed by a patent, Google could eventually face some trouble.

"Because there is significant consumer demand for such certification and guarantees, numerous Internet retailers have purchased BuySafe's services and offer BuySafe's transactional guarantees without cost to the consumers who make purchases on their websites," BuySafe stated, WebProNews reports.

Google however rejected all the charges by saying that the lawsuit filed by the complainant was with no merit whatsoever.