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Fake 'Spotify' App Spotted on Windows Phone Marketplace

A fake Spotify app, which infringes on Spotify's trademark and has nothing to do with streaming music services, has surfaced on Windows Phone Marketplace. The app is just a compilation of music related news and YouTube videos.

Whereas the official Spotify app (the music streaming service) is free, this new app is available on Windows Marketplace for £0.79 (or $0.99). Unsuspecting users who did download the app have let out their anger through comments. "Piece of *** useless app" said one user, "Dont download this. Big scam. This is not spotify" said another.

The developer of the app, ‘khanamish' has also developed two other apps, which actually perform as they have mentioned unlike Spotify. The Spotify app has been made available on the marketplace from 20th December, 2011.

It is highly unlikely that the app will be available on the store for a longer period as Microsoft would have been altered by now but, it does make one wonder, how could an app that infringes on trademark and doesn't deliver what it says it will make its way onto the Windows Phone Marketplace.