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Google+ has Biggest Traffic Month Ever

Google+ had its best month ever in December, increasing its active users by 55 per cent, reaching the quite impressive milestone of just under 50,000,000.

While Google hasn't been too keen on releasing official numbers, it hasn't stopped some making claims on active users. Hitwise announced that 50 million had been reached, though Founder of FamilyLink and and self-proclaimed "Google+ unofficial statistician" Paul Allen said that the social network was now over 62 million active users. He also predicted that the site would have around 85 million by February, though of course that is complete speculation.

Cnet has discussed how while these stats are impressive, Facebook has over 800 million users, easily outstripping the search giant. Though the competition is growing it seems, albeit quite steadily.

Google certainly has some interesting platforms that it can use to spread its influence though. Android of course makes for excellent integration, along with all other services that the search giant offers, including Gmail and the likes. Facebook is expanding in these areas as well, with apps. abound, but by not having its own operating system - that has quickly become one of the most popular in the mobile world - it is at a disadvantage in this respect.

It's thought that some 80 per cent of those over 15 now use social networking sites on a regular basis, making emerging technologies a serious battle ground for sites like Facebook and Google +.

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