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Hackers Working on Satellite System to Defy Internet Censorship

Hackers are trying to reach for the sky; quite literally, if the Hackerspace Global Grid (HGG) group succeeds then by 2034 this will be a reality. According to various reports, HGG is looking for a way to send satellites owned by them into orbit and this will be open as well as free from censorship of internet.

The group has made an announcement stating that they are working on a ground station scheme to increase the viability of the amateur satellites. It is a portion of the aerospace scheme which is aiming for the moon.

The HGG project will allow amateurs to track, more accurately, various home-brewed satellites. The three people behind this project are Germany-based Andreas Horning, Armin Bauer, and a hacker named hadez.

The project kicked off right after the Chaos Computer Club in the month of August 2011 which asked the attendees to make a "Hacker Space Program" with the aim to place a hacker on the Moon in next 23 years, reported PC Mag.

On the official website the group mentioned that, "HGG's aim is to provide the core infrastructure required along the way. We want to understand, build and make available satellite-based communication for the hackerspace community and all of mankind," reported the project's website.