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Late News: Fake Spotify App, Intel Clover Trail Windows 8 Tablet, Google+ Experiences Surge in Traffic

A fake Spotify app, which infringes on Spotify's trademark and has nothing to do with streaming music services, has surfaced on Windows Phone Marketplace. The app is just a compilation of music related news and YouTube videos. Whereas the official Spotify app (the music streaming service) is free, this new app is available on Windows Marketplace for £0.79 (or $0.99).

Acer and Lenovo are all set to join the fast expanding list of Windows 8 tablet makers, according to reports but, it is highly unlikely that both these companies can dish out their respective tablets any time before mid-2012. Windows 8 Tablets from Acer and Lenovo will be powered by Intel's "Clover Trail" processor, which is expected to be released no before than June this year and this is the reason for a mid-2012 timeframe.

Google Inc. never shies away from boasting about the openness of its Android mobile OS platform in comparison to rival platforms such as iOS and Windows Phone. However, the truth seems to be a little bit different from what the Android maker claims.

In a recent interview the recently retired CEO of IBM, Samuel J. Palmisano revealed why the company had to sell of the very successful PC division of the company to Lenovo. The sale, which took place in 2004, was actually an attempt to satisfy the Chinese government.

Google+ had its best month ever in December, increasing its active users by 55 per cent, reaching the quite impressive milestone of just under 50,000,000. While Google hasn't been too keen on releasing official numbers, it hasn't stopped some making claims on active users.