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Love and Other Emotions Used to Promote Google Products and Services

Google's promotional strategy takes a more human approach to the various services it offers and promotes. This new, softer approach kicked off a year ago with the "Parisian Love" Super Bowl commercial.

That ad has been seen as a landmark for the search engine giant. The ad uses the popular search engine to show how a couple falls in love, reports New York Times.

Since then there have been many ads to promote the Google+ social network, Chrome browser and other Google products. All the ads show the softer side of human nature, for example, a lady finding her future boyfriend via Google+ or a father preparing to document the life of his daughter and so on and so forth.

Google's Vice President of Global Marketing, Lorraine Twohill, mentioned that, "As we got bigger, we had more competition, more products, more messages to consumers, so we needed to do a bit more to communicate what these products are and how you can use them."

The vice president also commented that it is "about emotion" and it is quite "bizarre" for tech company. Even though it seems quite bizarre, the promotional campaign must be working as Google+ continues to gain in popularity.