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Mobile phone predictions for 2012 - NFC and processors is now publishing its predictions as to what we might be seeing in the mobile phone and related device world, during the upcoming year.

We will be covering in a set of daily features this week, what is likely to be arriving in new mobile phones and mobile devices that will have everyone talking in 2012, along with attracting new purchases of these products.

These could be existing features that are set to become more widespread this year, or new introductions that are going to succeed current abilities found in mobile devices.


Near field communications was a hot topic in 2011 although not a great deal of new handsets featured or even fully utilised this technology, but this is all set to change in 2012.

NFC is a built-in feature on phones that enables the mobile to be used for contactless payments, where just swiping the device over a card reader can pay for goods inside of a shop. There are also other uses for NFC, such as the sharing of contact information, by just simply touching two handsets together.

ITProPortal has also seen and caught on video other aspects to NFC, with its ability to be used as a way of speeding up pairing of Bluetooth devices. This was observed with the Nokia 700 mid-ranged Symbian Belle mobile phone and a Nokia Bluetooth speaker, where no manual pairing nor discovery was needed at all. The two were just tapped together and all the connections were automatically established, with a similar procedure being on the cards for WIFI.

Nokia has a few mobile phones and platforms supporting NFC, with the Symbian Anna and Belle operating systems. Samsung and Google released the Galaxy Nexus in 2011, plus the Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich' 4.0 that supports this feature. BlackBerry also released two Bold devices with NFC, along with a torch model and two Curve phones last year.

2012 will bring more NFC enabled handsets and uses for the technology, with more companies and places supporting the payment methodology too.


2011 brought in dual core powered mobile phones and tablets to everyone's attention. No longer was a handset only run from the same CPU featured in many other handsets, as a lot more powered was on offer to a mobile device - which in turn extended its usefulness and increased its abilities, on the whole.

LG announced the world's first dual core processor in December of 2010; since then more flagship devices have appeared over the last year effectively featuring two CPUs, inside of the one chip.

These processors increased in their popularity in mobile phones and tablets throughout 2011, whilst at the same time stepping up in speed from 1GHz to higher capacities that offered fast operations, such as web browsing, flash video support and HD video capture at 1080p.

Early November 2011, Nvida announced the Tegra 3 processor that featured a quad core CPU - which was the first of its kind. This news was closely followed by Asus unveiling an update to their Android Transformer tablet, the Transformer Prime, which will be the first device to arrive with this chipset.

2012 will see more quad core devices from different manufacturers, where it has even been rumoured that HTC could be launching a product of this nature in the next coming weeks.