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Mobile Phone Text Messaging on the Decline

Once popular, text messaging is losing its charm in many countries as records show there was a huge decline in texting during the 2011 Christmas holiday as compared to previous years.

According to a Forbes report, there was a sharp decline in text messaging in many parts of the world which is a definitely bad sign for mobile phone carriers.

On a blog post, a senior analyst at M.G.I. Research, Tero Kuittinen, mentioned that in Finland the drop in text messaging was very significant during Christmas Eve which happens to be one of the busiest days of year, as published in Forbes.

Records show that, Sonera (Finnish mobile network) customers sent 8.5 million SMS on that particular day; this figure last year was 10.9 million, reports the Finnish national broadcasting service.

In Hong Kong, the same trend has been recorded. There was a decline of nearly 14 percent as compared to last year, as reported in the blog by Kuittinen. Many other countries also display similar figures.

It seems the main reason behind the decline of text messages is the rise and popularity of various social networking websites which allow free messaging unlike mobile phone networks.