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Nintendo Wii U Controller to have Ereader Features?

Rumours are abound that the touch screen controllers to be released with the next generation Wii U console will have Ereader features.

These tablet like controllers have seen much speculation since being unveiled in 2011, with many wondering about the necessities of such a device. However, much the same was said about the original Wiimotes when they were first unveiled, so it seems fair to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt for now.

We've already heard about the touch screen second player capabilities of these new controllers, but this Ereader rumour is certainly a first. According to Forget The Box the Wii U digital reading will allow users to download not only books, but newspapers, magazines, comics and more to the console. There will be a searchable index and the ability to stream to any number of wireless controllers. The touch screen can be used in a typical fashion to scroll of flip pages depending on preference.

Don't think it'll just be the Wii U users that gain this fancy new ability though, 3DS owners will also join the party. Nintendo has apparently also been discussing the possiblity of allowing for the download of strategy guides.

Though that's not all. Get excited retro Nintendo fans, as there is also the possibility that every single issue of Nintendo power might be reproduced in digital form. That's everything from 1988 through to the present day.

The Ereader and other features adds to the rumour pile that the Wii U - a bit like the current Xbox 360 - will be a more services orientated console. Instead of being all about the gaming, it'll be more of an entertainment and media device.

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