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RIM PlayBook Now Available for $199 in the US

Research In Motion is introducing a luscious price cut in the 64 GB variant of its PlayBook tablet device, confirmed the Canadian smartphone and tablet maker. After the price cut, the 64 GB PlayBook will be available in the market for just $300.

It's not just the 64 GB variant that was subject to the price cut, the 16 GB variant too is now available for just $199. This is not the first time that RIM is slashing the price of the PlayBook. The device's is being offered at a discounted price ever since October last year.

As of now RIM is offering the PlayBook at the reduced pricing only in the US and UK folks are yet to receive the good news. As of this writing RIM's online US store, when accessed, was timing out.

The price cut introduced by the company is being seen by many as an inevitable outcome of the product's not-so-impressive performance in the market so far.

PlayBook, which happens to be RIM's maiden venture into the tablet market, was projected by many as the company's answer to the Apple iPad. Needless to say, the device failed miserably in living up to the expectations of the makers, as well as the fan boys from all over the world.

The second generation of the tablet device, dubbed PlayBook 2.0 is likely to hit the stores some time during February 2012.