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Rivals Intel and Qualcomm Prepare for Upcoming CES 2012

Intel and Qualcomm are expected to engage each other at the forthcoming edition of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) to be hosted in Las Vegas next week.

The rivalry between the two chip giants is nothing new, and the looming clash between the two during the event seems to be inevitable as both companies are virtually leaving no stone unturned to gain a stronger foothold in the mobile device market.

At CES 2012, CEO of Qualcomm Paul Jacobs is expected to demonstrate notebook computers powered by the new-generation chips manufactured by his company. The demonstration by Jacobs has been deemed by many as a crucial move as this has been an area traditionally dominated by Intel for sometime now.

Later on the same day, Paul Otellini, the CEO of Intel, will be appearing on stage to announce a new bunch of mobile phones powered by Intel chips. Qualcomm has already established itself as a leading provider of chips that power mobile phones.

"For Intel, it's a ‘we have to be there. Never bet against a computing device that fits in your pocket. I do more on my smartphone than any other device," said Jim McGregor, chief technology strategist for In-Stat, Business Week reports.