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T-Mobile Adds Unlimited Internet To SIM Only Package

UK mobile phone operator T-Mobile - now part of Everything Everywhere - has included unlimited data in its SIM only contract deals.

Customers now pay as little as £10.21 on a 12-month contract for 300 minutes, 300 texts and unlimited data plus a flexible booster.

That can be for unlimited texts, unlimited landline, unlimited T-mobile talk booster or free minutes and texts to Europe, Australia, US and other countries.

The internet access comes with a rather liberal fair use policy, one which allows users to get a fixed price and 500MB allowance for streaming video and uploading and downloading files.

The data allowance only applies between 4pm and midnight. Users can also opt for a 30-day contract which comes with only 100 minutes and 100 texts, for the same price.

T-Mobile users can additionally use Orange's infrastructure, though this deal is not available on microSIM handsets ( the iPhone 4 or 4S or the Nokia Lumia 900).

Instead, the network operator offers 100 minutes for free for 30 days and 12 months free internet worth £40 when topping up £10, while Blackberry users get half that allowance for the same outlay.