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Windows Phone Apollo Superphones to Challenge iPhone 5 in 2012?

A recently leaked Windows Phone roadmap purportedly showing the development of the smartphone platform over the coming year, leads us to believe that Microsoft will be introducing a range of superphones to challenge Apple's next-generation iPhone towards the end of 2012.

Following the release of Mango in the final quarter of 2011, the latest version of Windows Phone with its new features, and new languages which was available in more countries; this summer we should expect to see Tango. The next version of Windows Phone operating system is, according to the document, going to target the low end of the smartphone market.

As the Roadmap, which was uncovered by WMPowerUser, puts it, Tango is meant for "products with the best prices." Then, by the end of this year, we should also see the release of Apollo, a Windows Phone version specially designed for the arrival of a series of superphones.

With Apollo, and its rumored high end features, Microsoft will be additionally be targeting the enterprise environment. Industry observers expect the future superphones to sport multi-core processors, which are not ay present supported on Windows Phone 7.

Apollo will be a significant enough upgrade to be considered Windows Phone 8. It's not known how many 'superphones' Microsoft expects to release, though with a better marketing plan for its high end Apollo handsets, Microsoft will look to bridge the gap to the top iOS and Android smartphones in 2012.

Tech website V3 contacted Microsoft about the leaked schedule, but the company would not comment.