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£249.95 Pioneer HTP071 AV Receiver with 5.1 Channel Speakers

Pioneer HTP071 is a perfect combination of AV receiver with top of the line features and a 5.1 channel speaker system that would definitely take centre stage in your entertainment setup.

The VSX321 AV receiver, part of the package, is capable of performing where most other AV receivers would die out. Great for action movies and games, the HTP071 makes sure that there is explosive sound and thumping bass available at the crank of the volume control.

The AV receiver is packed with Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD and Pro Logic IIx decoders to get the best from DVD and TV sources. The speakers accompanying the Pioneer HTP071 are compact and can be placed in areas with small space like on bookcases, mantelpieces, etc. Nearby devices such as CRTs will not be able to affect the spears are they are shielded.

The Pioneer HTP071 comes with every connection that an ideal home cinema system should have. Four HDMI sockets would let you loop through HD sources such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, camcorders and are particularly useful if your TV has only one HDMI input. Added to this you'll find a wide collection of audio, video composite and digital connections.

Richer Sounds is offering the Pioneer HTP071 AV Receiver with 5.1 Channel Speakers for £249.95.