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Add Voice-Tags to Twitter and Facebook Posts from your iPhone with QWiPS

iPhone owners can be the talk of their friend groups on social networks with a new app which allows them to add audio to the generally silent social media environment.

The app called QWiPS, developed by Voice Portraits Inc, lets users add audio tags and voice captions to their photos or posts published on social networks. The feature enables (as described on the app's website) the "Creation of 30-second audio QWiPS and tagging them to any static image or text, Facebook or Twitter post."

In addition, users can alter their voice with the help of special audio filters to give the audio messages a robot or chipmunk like voice. The QWiPS' features offer not only the option of telling the story behind a picture or giving a context to videos by tagging them with voice, but also allow iPhone owners to enliven emails and newsletters; as well as add a voice signature, that is surprisingly hard to fake.

In addition, for some extra fun, users can add voice emoticons to messages. Another suggestion by the app's developers is to create eCards with audio wishes.

QWiPS is for the time being only available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, running on iOS 4.1 or later.